Work From Home Culture #WFH

Because of the pandemic spreading in the world, there is a terrible situation all around. The situation of lockdown has also arisen in our country. People have been instructed to stay in homes. Due to which many offices have also been closed and most of the offices and companies have given work from home to their employees.

In which everyone has to do office work while staying at home. While some people are doing their work comfortably, some people are facing difficulty in working from home. If you are in a similar situation, then with the help of these tips, you can make your home time easier.

Tips to work effectively from home (WFH)

Make a Proper Schedule

It is not even possible to work effectively from home without making a proper schedule. There is a fixed schedule for the office, similarly, to create a proper schedule for work from home (WFH) . Otherwise, everything will go awry. Planning should be done to manage office work and household work as well.

Set a Workspace

It does not matter where you are working from, always create a different place of work i.e. set a workspace. The workspace should have everything required for work, such as an electricity socket for laptop/computer, internet connection, office equipment, stationary and so on.

Stay in touch with your Colleagues

Keep proper communication with your colleagues or boss in work from home (WFH) so that any work-related details reach each other. Otherwise, lest any information sent by you or others to you be missed. Like important emails remaining unannounced for hours.

Decide your Time Slot for Work

You may not be able to do office work traditionally from home like 10 am to 6 pm continuously. In such a situation, tell the boss, how long you can work, when you will be on break when you will start work again. But remember one thing that works should never be compromised.

Adjust your Time as per Children’s Routine

If you want to complete your office work effectively then make some changes in your routine. Maintain your schedule according to the child’s routine. Try to get up early in the morning to dispose of your work. Make a time table for the child so that they too stay busy in their schedule and you can complete your work in peace.

Take Small Break to Refresh Yourself

Even at home, you have to do the same amount of office work as you do in the office. But in the office, you keep refreshing by talking to your co-workers. Similarly, you can also take short 10-minute breaks at home. In which, if you want, drink tea coffee or have fun with children for a short time. In this way, your productivity will be maintained.

Give Time to Everyone

Set a time limit For children, staying at home with your children is not less than a gift. They feel that if the parents are in the house, they should spend more and more time with them.

Explain to the children that you have to deal with office work even at home. Clear them at what time they can sit with you and at what time they do not disturb you at all.

Put a board of no-disturbances outside the room in which you work. Seeing that the children themselves will guess that they do not have to come to you at this time.

Alternate Shifts with Partner

If both you and your partner are working, then work in alternate shifts. Choose your work time according to your convenience. Work on alternate hours with your partner. If you have to work in the morning, then the partner can make the children ready for breakfast. By working in this way, you will be able to work on time and effectively.

What hurdles one can face while working from home

There are many difficulties in doing office work from home (WFH), due to which your work may be severely affected. So let’s get straight into the problems and their solutions as well.

Slow internet

If you want to tackle the heavy work of the office through your mobile phone hotspot, then your work may be stuck like your internet.

So before starting work at home, manage a better internet wifi router. To work from home (WFH), you will need a lot of internet data along with fast internet speed, in such a situation, if it is possible to get unlimited on broadband connection or activate a minimum plan of at least 100 or 200 GB data.

The problem of the big screen

Many times the work of the office at home also has to face the problem of the computer screen is small. For people who work on a monitor or iMac of 21-27 inches in their offices, doing the same thing on a small laptop is very difficult. In such a situation, this simple advice from Tech Experts can be that you connect your home television or smart TV to your laptop as a second monitor.

The problem of comfortable sitting

Regardless of how luxurious and comfortable the chair you sit in the office, work from home (WFH) can become quite confusing and annoying at times when there is no such table and chair available at home. In such a situation, you have the sensation that you should manage a better and back-resting chair so that after working 8-10 hours, you do not look troubled by back or neck pain.

Unwanted noise around

There is no unnecessary noise in the work environment of the office, but when we do the same work at home (WFH), the conversation of other people in the family, especially children, and the noise of them can make it difficult for you to work.

If there is something similar to you, then immediately purchase a good noise cancellation earphone so that you can do your work in peace even amid the noise.

Problems while video conferencing

If your work is such that you have to do video chat or conferencing with your team head or colleague then you may also face the seating position of work.
So you should make your seating position in such a way that people do not see the movements of people behind their back or their laptop webcam.

Technical tools useful in work from home

If work from home (WFH) is possible today, then technology and technical tools have contributed a lot in making it possible. This is the only technology that is working properly by accumulating everyone. In today’s time, hundreds of people can gather in zoom meetings and understand the planning and vision of the company collectively.

The prevalence of Google Doc, Slack, Telegram, Skype, and many more have increased a lot at this time. These technologies are reducing manpower and unnecessary inputs to a great extent.

How to avoid stress while working from home

Stress can also occur if you are constantly at home and away from your favorite things. It also affects your work by which you cannot focus on your work properly. Below we have given you some tips which you can take to avoid stress while working from home (WFH);

Avoid the habit of Procrastination

When we are at home, we avoid work which is a very bad habit. We should do our work according to planning. Make some targets every week or day and try hard to achieve it. After finishing work on time (WFH), reward yourself too.

Listen to music to lower stress

During this time, we cannot go outside to any restaurant, market, mall, or cinema house. So we can listen to music for our entertainment. This can change our mood. Shopkeepers already know this, so music is often heard in shops. You can apply the same in your workspace and listen to songs according to different moods.

Minimize the use of video conferencing.

Many employees are also using video conference. But it is important to keep in mind that its use should be within limits. This can cause you stress. It is not easy to see and smile for hours daily on the screen. You can keep some time of the day for a video conference, but you should consult with your seniors to minimize it.


Due to pandemic, almost the whole world including India is facing partial lockdown at this time. Work is completely at a standstill in many areas, where work can be managed through Work from Home (WFH) , those companies have asked their employees to work from home (WFH).

Listening to work from home (WFH), it seems that work can be done sitting at home with great comfort, but if proper planning is not done then working from home (WFH) can be quite difficult. In this case, your output may be affected. Therefore, it is important to manage everything in a good way while doing work from home (WFH) so that both home and office work can be coordinated and productivity is not affected.